Forward-thinking schools built with resilience

We have designed our schools with a singular mission: empowering students to thrive. Approximately 7,000 high school students drop out every single day. Oakmont aims to re-engage these opportunity youth through our innovative, career-driven academic model.

"We have visited every single Oakmont School. What we learned during those trips opened our eyes to what is possible for these students."

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Flexible, individualized, self-paced learning

Oakmont’s comprehensive academic model provides an individualized, self-paced program that is responsive to each student’s needs. We utilize a rigorous digital curriculum that aligns with state standards and offers components that allow teachers to differentiate instruction to address diverse student needs. We provide a unique blend of classroom instruction and hands-on work experience that results in students earning their diploma while also earning the nationally recognized industry credentials that will help them start their career.


Workforce Development Program

Oakmont offers 15 different industry credentials in three separate Workforce Development Clusters, including skilled trades, community health and wellness, and business and entrepreneurship. This training focuses on providing real-world experience for in-demand jobs in essential fields. This training empowers graduates to earn a sustainable living wage in high-demand careers without college debt. What’s more, this career-based model helps close the skills gap and enable local businesses to access the qualified workforce they need.